Jewelry Care

All jewelry is handcrafted and must be handled with care.
Please follow the below instructions for longer wear out of your pieces.

To keep jewelry safe, tangle and scratch free keep your pieces in the pouch that they came in when they are not being worn. Keep each style separate from others and separate from all other jewelry. Wipe jewelry after every wear to remove dirt and makeup. This will prevent dirt/makeup from piling up, making it harder to clean later.

We have polishing cloths for purchase: Purchase polishing cloths

Most pieces are made with brass and some are gold-plated.  This will be noted in the description.  All chains are gold-filled.  Earring hooks and posts are surgical steel or stainless steel unless noted otherwise. 

For brass pieces that have dirt and some tarnish, simply use the juice of a lemon to clean. Rub the brass with the lemon being careful not to get the juice on any beads or tassels if there are any on your particular piece. Additionally, you can add some salt to the lemon. The lemon juice alone will clean it right up, the salt gives it some abrasive power if your piece is extremely tarnished. Lightly rinse the piece with water to get rid of any remaining lemon juice.
The below video demonstrates how I clean some dirty Ife hoops. The white beads collected makeup from my face over time, so I also cleaned those with some dish washing liquid. You can also use makeup remover wipes.
This will not work on plated jewelry. Any jewelry that is plated and has lost its gold color will have to be re-plated. Plated jewelry MUST NOT be worn in water or with any activities that involve sweating. This will rapidly turn the color.

Please note: any oils, or lotion will alter the color of your jewelry over time. It is recommended that you apply these before you put on your jewelry. Even your own body chemistry will alter your jewelry over time. Your jewelry should be the last thing you put on when getting ready.

DO NOT swim, shower, work out or clean in your jewelry.