“Nobody can teach me who I am” -Chinua Achebe

Welcome to 84Gem – where bold meets ethereal, and confidence takes flight. We're more than just a lifestyle brand; we're a celebration of the extraordinary essence that makes you, well, you. Our jewelry speaks volumes without saying a word, and we've crafted artisanal pieces just for the intentional souls who know they were born to stand out.

At 84Gem, we believe that the truest beauty lies in authenticity. We're not about being loud or flashy; we're all about embracing the rare, the unique, and the quietly confident. Picture that one friend with the kind of magnetic energy that leaves you awe-inspired and wanting to be a part of their world – that's us. 

When you wear 84Gem, you're not just adorning yourself with jewelry – you're enveloping yourself in a mood, a vibe, and a powerful aura. Each piece we create is crafted with love and passion, resonating with your spirit and enhancing the greatness you already possess.

We're not about following trends; we're about setting them. Our timeless pieces are designed to elevate your vibe and complement your journey of self-discovery. Because, let's face it, you're meant to shine like the gem you truly are.

Step into the world of 84Gem, where individuality is celebrated, and magic happens when you embrace your true self. We're not just a conversation starter; we're the catalyst for your empowered journey.

Every single piece is handcrafted in-house in Brooklyn, NY and in India, and material is sourced from India, Istanbul and parts of Africa.


Meet Kimone Young


Introducing the visionary creator behind 84Gem – born in the vibrant rhythms of Jamaica, raised in Brooklyn, NY. In 2011, she embarked on a journey to create jewelry that expressed her unique style and celebrated her individuality. From her home studio, she weaves stories into each piece, infusing them with the enchanting fusion of Jamaican soul and Brooklyn attitude. A true gem herself, she inspires others to let their auras shine and embrace their authenticity, turning 84Gem into a movement that celebrates the rare, airy, and beautifully authentic souls.